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I have had such a wonderful time preparing for our wedding and all the exciting things that have happened, from the romantic proposal to the wedding itself, that I wanted to share it with everyone!  I also made it to show our children and grandchildren in the future when we are a couple of old 'uns!

I've had great fun with my very first attempt at a webpage, especially developing the little extras like the magic wand cursor and making the buttons change to pics of us frozen in ice when you hover over them!  We stood behind pillars of ice and did impressions of the movie 'California Man'!  Ah well, WE think we're funny, that's what matters!  You can see larger images of them on the 'Ice Hotel' page!

This site takes you through the whole journey, up to the start of our marriage, with us looking forward to the adventure we have ahead of us.

If you are thinking of getting married in a somewhat unconventional way, but still want to keep some of the morals and values of a traditional wedding, then this might be the thing for you, too.

I've included a page devoted to our wedding location, the Ice Hotel in Lapland If you ever read a fairytale during your childhood, you remember how magical it all seemed and you wanted to feel like the ice princess and her handsome prince, (as long as you've found your prince as I have,) or even if you just love snow and ice, then this is DEFINITELY the thing for you!  See more at www.icehotel.com

This site was started in December 2003 by Miss. Samantha Symes, originally finished in March 2004 by Mrs. Samantha Booth and updated in May 2005 by NEW MUMMY!
Enjoy! XXX