Thank You!



I want to take this opportunity to thank some very special people.

 (ahem, sorry for sounding like it's the Oscars!)  But this page is more for our family than anyone else....sorry in advance to everyone else!


First of all, Mums and Dads.

My parents, Ron and Pam, thank you so much for hiring a wonderful photographer who has given us so many cherished photos, for organising a beautiful wedding reception home here so our friends could celebrate with us too, for the most gorgeous and appropriate cake we have ever seen and most of all, for all your support, love and even though we know you weren't keen on the idea at first, for making the journey to Lapland to be with us and being just as excited as we were about the whole experience!

Andrews' parents, Errol and Margaret, thank you both so much for treating us to a husky adventure we will never forget, with the added bonus of seeing the northern lights to give us eternal happiness and luck!  For the Scottish piper at our reception which was a lovely surprise, piped us into the venue beautifully and then, we all know, gave us a lot of laughs along the way!  Also, a HUGE thank you to Margaret, with the help of Doug, for putting together such a beautiful set of DVDs of our wedding, our reception and our honeymoon, which we can keep forever.  (Also for making a spare for after I wear out the first one!)

Our lovely Eskimo of Honour and our Best Man.

You were both WONDERFUL!  All through the preparations, Charlotte, you were just as excited as me (and, ladies and gentlemen, she cried a LOT!)  Both the hen party and the stag party were fantastic and just what we both wanted.  (Showing just how well you know us!)  and on the day, well, what can we say?  Not only were you wonderful in your respective roles, but you had the added task of freezing to death while we had photos taken around the ice hotel, which you did with no complaints and you flitted around us, arranging dress, headdress, lapels and plaid, making us look perfect and making sure we were warm between shots.  (Even taking off your own thermal capes because, I quote, "bloody things are just getting in the way!"  You both looked gorgeous and we feel so blessed to have a brother and sister like you.  Here's to years of laughter!

My brother Adam.

You have been a wonderful brother for so long to me, but now Andrew is lucky to have you as a brother too!  Thank you for so much support and love and on the day, you took some fantastic photos and you ran around like a mad thing all day long, making sure everything was just perfect and went without a hitch.  (Even almost coming a cropper on the slippery slope down to the ice chapel!) I know, I know, "It's the shoooooooooes!"

The kids!  Aaron, Leanne and Cherice.

Aaron, you not only accepted the role as ring-bearer without the usual 10 year old boy "awwww, It's SO unfair!", but whenever an errand needed to be run, there you were to do it!  You looked so handsome and it's very funny to look back on all the photos of you, where you forgot to pull your trousers over your snow boots!  You were fantastic and we are so proud of you.  Leanne and Cherice, you were both so beautiful and behaved impeccably.  Stay as sweet as you are.  We love you both very much.

Grandma and Granddad.

You are two of the kindest, most wonderful people on this earth.  Thank you so much for welcoming me so readily, from the first time we met, for helping to shape Andrew into the man I so easily fell in love with, for your love, kindness and support in all that we do and for giving us the beautiful gift of our wedding rings, which we will forever cherish and which will bring us the happiness and love in our marriage, that you've shared in yours for so many years.  We love you both so very much.


And finally, a big thank you to everyone else involved, from the flowers, the dress and the accessories, to all the friends and family who did so much to make it all so perfect.

To name a few, Paula, Charmaine, Doug, Jackie, thank you for all the special little touches like the grooms cake with a picture of Andy wakeboarding on it, the chapel at the top of the wedding cake, the editing of video and the surprise messages on our wedding day.

It all made for a LOT of wonderful memories for us that we will treasure forever.

Thank you ALL.  so, so, much.  We are so lucky.

(Like I said at the top, this page is just for the people mentioned, but you were warned and I did apologise in advance!)   xx