The Wedding Dress




As soon as we had decided on the venue, I had a definite image in my mind of my perfect wedding dress.

I was certain that I was going to need a dressmaker, as I'd never find it in a million years, but I was wrong!

The dress underneath was easy.  It's a full length white dress, with thick straps and round neckline, in white satin.  The coat over the top was the part I thought was going to be a problem.  I called a local wedding shop who told me they had some coats in that sound similar to what I described, but I wasn't convinced!

When I got there, the second one I tried on was the one!  I knew it instantly and I think that's how it should be.  It was in ivory, which I decided against, because it would look dirty against all the ice, so I was measured, ordered it in white satin and hey presto, a swift 6 MONTHS arrived!  Yep, if your dress is being made to fit you and you alone, it takes that long!  Bear that in mind if you're thinking of having a whirlwind wedding!

I was a little worried that, being so pale, I would look washed out in white.  (My Mum called it "Beautiful English Rose", I call it "Looking like Death warmed up!",  but I needn't have worried, the Eskimo temperature put colour in my cheeks!

I LOVE my dress!  If you are planning your wedding, make sure you have the dress of your dreams.  It really does make you feel beautiful on your big day.