The Wedding Party


With the wedding location being where it is and the other factors, (the expense, the date being just after Christmas, the danger of fingers and toes falling off!)  We didn't know if our families would be willing to come with us.  How wrong could we be!  Both our families said they wouldn't dream of not being with us on our wedding day and all the planning started!  It was not unlike deploying troops into battle!

Charlotte and Danny.  Our Best man and Matron-of-Honour.  This is us at Andy's sisters wedding to his best friend in Gibraltar, September 3rd 2002.  We were the Best Man and Maid-of-Honour and for us, choosing our attendants, there was never any doubt.  They are both wonderful people and if you have friends as great as these two, cherish them and consider yourself blessed.

  The bride and Groom!  This is us on our way back from a lovely weekend away in Bologne-sur-mer, France.  The weather was a lot warmer that trip than our wedding trip!  Ooh, say, about 118 degrees warmer!   Ron and Pam.  Mother and Father of the Bride.  I couldn't even dream of marrying without my Dad giving me away.  (I know he doesn't mean it when he says Andy has to sign a form agreeing that I'm non-refundable!)  My parents have been married for 40 years and are wonderful  role-models to us.  Their advice, which I agree with implicitly, is that a marriage needs to be worked at.  I also want to thank them here for welcoming Andrew into their lives with love, respect and open arms.  It's made it easy for me to fall in love with him without reservations or doubts.


Mother and Father of the Groom.  Another lovely couple.  From the first time we met, I felt welcomed into the family and totally comfortable with Errol and Margaret.  They are the best 'in-laws' I could ever wish for.    My brother Adam.  In a traditional wedding, he would have the role of usher, but ours isn't very traditional is it!  Adam came home from working on a cruise ship to be with us on our special day and I'm so happy he did.  It wouldn't be right without him.  When we were growing up, he drove me crazy!  (What brother doesn't?!)  But as we grew into adults, he became my friend and confidante and he's fantastic!

Cherice, looking very warm!

  My little people!  Aaron the ring bearer and Leanne and Cherice as my little flower girls!  A special mention to these three.  The girls behaved beautifully and looked gorgeous (even though these pics show them looking a little dishevelled!) and Aaron ran around doing little odd-jobs all day without questioning or moaning!  They are all so cute and a joy to have around, even though they are all a little hyperactive and very loud!  But what would a childhood be without a lot of noise and a lot of running, shouting and laughing!

Aaron did a fine job!


Leanne, LOL at the hat falling down!