The Wedding Day

December 30th 2003



It was perfect from beginning to end.  The only 'hitch' I could think of was that the steamer we took with us to steam my dress after being in a case for so long blew up!........erm.............twice!!  When we plugged it in with the adaptor, we blew all the lights and when they had been fixed, we tried again and broke the lights.........again!

Most brides and their matron of honour would've panicked and maybe shed a few tears, what did Charlotte and I do?  Fell about laughing and ended up ironing it!  It took a long time, doing it in tiny bits, but as you can see from the photos, not a crease or scorch mark in sight!

Dad walking me down the aisle, Andy's first sight of me that day

So excited, we didn't feel the cold

The blessing of the rings

Our first kiss as Husband and Wife

The happy couple!

On our way to a wonderful married life together.  A VERY happy Mr. and Mrs. Booth!

Charlotte was amazing on the day.  She made sure her bride had whatever she needed, held the train of my dress every time she could see the danger of it getting wet or dirty and generally made me feel as special as a bride should feel!

Danny was also fantastic as the best man.  He made sure Andy had everything he needed and I hear he even came through when there was a 'the groom needs a safety pin' emergency!

I especially remember when we were having photos taken inside the ice hotel.  We were given silver insulated capes to put on between shots and both Danny and Charlotte selflessly walked along to each location with us, making sure we were warming up any chance they got and arranging my dress, Andys plaid etc, so the photos were perfect, even though they must have been freezing up themselves!  My only regret is that it all went by so fast, we didn't get the photos I would've liked of us in the ice hotel with our attendants.  Never mind though, it will always be in our memories of how great they were on the day and how great they are now!

With our lovely Matron of honour and best man

Everyone happy!

With our proud parents!  Don't they all look lovely!

Saying our vows

Our chapel.  After it melts mid-April, no one will ever get married there again.  It's very special!

This is us sitting on the bed in the room we chose to spend the night in.  It wasn't as bright as it looks in the photos, and the circles you can see behind us are planets and stars.  There was sculptures on the other side of the room that are meant to represent aliens, but we think they looked the spitting image of Kenny from south park with his hooded parka on!

VERY happy!

Showing off my wedding ring already!  I must admit, I've become very left-handed since I became a wifey!

Standing in the reception hall of the ice hotel.  The chandelier behind us is made completely of ice and very beautiful close up.

Sexy siren on the bed?  Hmm, nope!  More like, Andy carried me up there and this where I landed!  I was stuck until the photos were done and Andy could pick me up and carry me down again!  We visited the ice hotel the day before our wedding, mostly so that we weren't so over-awed by the place on our wedding day that we couldn't concentrate on what was happening.  When we asked which of the special suites was ours, (they all had a different theme and were sculpted by different sculptors), we were told which rooms were free and to go and choose!  We were like big kids running around the hotel, looking in each room, but we both knew we wanted this one!  One of the first we saw!

Charlotte fixing my dress.  See!  I told you she is wonderful!  She had an insulated cape of her own that she could keep on all the time, but nope, Charlotte was too busy and it was getting in her way, so she soon ditched it!

Cheers!  Instead of ice in our drinks, we had drinks in our ice!  See our little fingers under the bottom of our glass?  We were stopping the glasses slipping and smashing to the ground!  The drinks weren't even ours, we had borrowed them from a couple standing at the bar who hadn't even had a chance to have a sip yet!  They didn't mind helping out the bride and groom!  The cocktails had some great names, including 'Howling Husky' and 'Midnight Sun'

Awww, they look so great!  Andy and Danny propping up the Absolut vodka bar.  Not a blue knee in sight!

This is at the other end of the vodka bar.  The sculpture of the cello is amazing.

Look at the sexy legs!  At the entrance of the chapel, there is an armoury room, where traditionally, men would leave their weapons before going in to attend church, but this dagger is plastic so I think it's ok!

I don't know what we're laughing at, but Danny and Charlotte are off camera so I know WHO was making us laugh!

During the service, with our families looking on proudly.  Guess who cried first?  I'll give you a clue.....Charlotte!

Waiting for me to arrive.  What's keeping me?  Maybe the fact that even though it's a slippery slope to walk down to the chapel from reception and I was told to wear snow boots until I got to the door, I insisted I was going to wear my lovely wedding ones right from the start!  Eva, our lovely wedding co-ordinator, came to the rescue though and arranged for a car to drive us down the slope.  All 50 yards of it!  I'm so high maintenance!