The Wedding Attire


I know it's not the norm, but I asked everyone if they would mind going with a blue colour scheme.  I thought lots of colours, with such a small group, surrounded by all the ice and snow would maybe look a bit tacky.  This way, the photographs will be even more beautiful with everyone complimenting each other.  I guess it's the performer/perfectionist side of me coming out!

Now, you're going to think they're crazy, but yes, they decided to wear kilts in the freezing temperatures!!

TOTALLY their idea, don't think I'm a horrible person who likes to see her loved ones suffer!

 There was a good reason though.  Andy's grandparents, Harry and Margaret, are Scottish and he has always been very close to them.  Not only that, but they welcomed me in and 'adopted' me as their granddaughter!  This was his way of having them near on the day.

We have them also to thank for our beautiful wedding rings.

Andy and Danny in their kilts


And with the lovely   G & G

Charlottes dress was beautiful.  Royal blue satin with thin straps and a full skirt.  She has a matching wrap too.  She looks so special and very beautiful.

Charlotte even had red lowlights put in her hair because they would look lovely with the colour of her dress!  Charlotte always has had an eye for the finer points!

Charlotte looking beautiful


 and with her brother.....


My wedding dress.

I found a dress that was exactly what I had in my head from the moment we decided on the ice chapel for the venue!  Right down to the last detail!  It's my dream dress.  I wish I could wear it every day!


THE dress!

and with the hood up.....

Totally different look!

Margaret in a lovely navy blue suit made especially for her


Perfect for the mother of the groom..

Margaret, the mother of the groom


Pamela in a beautiful dark blue velvet dress with lace detail on the top.

I'm very honoured you gave up and wore a dress Mum!

Pamela, the mother of the bride

Ron looking very smart in a navy blue suit and a white polo neck underneath.  I'm so proud to have my Dad walking me down the aisle.  I hope I make him just as proud! Ron, the father of the bride


Errol also wore a navy blue suit, but matched it with a blue shirt and tie.  What a smart Dad! Errol, father of the groom

Adam is still performing on a cruise ship in the middle of the Baltic!  I still don't know what he's wearing, but I do know he'll look very handsome! Adam, brother of the bride

Aaron in a great suit, made-to-measure with a beatle-type collar and a white polo neck to match Dad!

The girls, looking like little angels in matching corduroy dresses, topped off beautifully with white fur hats, scarves, gloves and bags!

All three are so cute I could squish them!  (But I won't!)

The three musketeers!


Pics of the girls to come.