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    In April 2004 we decided it would be the icing on the cake to have a baby and by the end of May our wish had been granted!  We found out for sure in July when I was only 5 weeks pregnant and had to wait until September for the first scan.  We saw what looked like a kidney bean with long legs!  By the second scan, the difference was amazing, we could see a real image of our baby!  We always had the feeling we were having a boy, but for Christmas 2004, Andy gave me a wonderful present, a 3D/4D scan session at Create Health Clinic in Harley Street, London.  See their website at  You can have this without finding out the baby's sex, but we are both such impatient people, we HAD to know!  The whole experience was so wonderful and overwhelming, I recommend it to everyone having a baby!  Suddenly, on the screen, our son appeared as if it were a real sepia photo!  We saw him smile, have hiccups, even open his eyes!  Even the professors got excited about that, because it's rare that they get to catch a baby doing it, especially at 27 weeks, which is how pregnant I was at the time.  Below are scan photos from the 3 sessions.

Click on image to enlarge

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The first ever look at BBB - Baby Boy Booth!

Looks more like a baby now!

Now can you see why we were so overwhelmed?

I had to be induced, at 12 days overdue, because 'someone' was way too comfy to make an appearance!  On March 18th 2005, at 6:40pm, after a textbook labour, we finally met LOGAN HARRY BOOTH!  Both Andy and I loved the name Logan for two reasons.  We love that it has a Scottish origin and on our first morning as Husband and Wife, we were woken with hot glasses of lingonberry juice, so Logan is similar to that!  We chose Harry for the middle name in memory of one of the most wonderful men you could ever be fortunate enough to know, Andy's granddad, Harry Somerville.  (see photo on wedding party page)  Logan is the most beautiful baby in the universe and such a good baby too.  I can't describe the love I felt from the moment I saw him.  We now have a perfect little family and could never want for anything else.  I LOVE to see Andy with Logan, he is a wonderful father.  I look at Logan and see his little face, so innocent and pure, with the whole world waiting for him to discover and a wonderful life ahead of him.  I often wonder what he'll grow up to be and what kind of person he will turn into.  We will make sure he always knows he is loved so much and he will always have our support in everything he does.  Apart from us, he also has two great sets of Grandparents, a Great Grandma and an Auntie and two Uncles who adore him.  He is a very lucky boy.  As I write this, he is exactly 2 months old and growing so fast!  He's 11lb now!  He's holding himself up, smiling and now laughing, which is the sweetest sound I've ever heard!  I'll keep updating the website as he grows, so he has something to look back on.  Logan, if you're reading this as a teenager, I'm sorry I'm embarrassing you! xx

His first hello at 45 minutes old!

Only 1 week old

1 month old!

Can I sleep now please?

One of the walls of the nursery that Granddad Symes painted!

First ever time in the pool with Mummy, Aaron, Leanne and Cherice


Awwright treacle!

With my Daddy, who's an I.T consultant.  If you want to see a video of my first attempt to take over the family business, at 11 weeks old,  here it is!

Click here for video


Another masterpiece on the nursery wall by Granddad Symes!

How cool am I in my speedo?  Right, let me at that wavy bluey wet stuff!

Logan in his door bouncer

Sitting up, what a big boy!

And STANDING UP at 6 months! With not much help from Mummy, growing up so fast!  (Check out the gangsta rappa combats falling down to show the top of his nappy!)

Splish, splash, I was takin' a bath!

HEY!  I'm naked here!

So cultured already!  Listening to Bolero by Ravel!

Classical music ROCKS!

No photographs while I'm working please!

Don't stop the playing just to take silly photos!

With my Great Grandma - she loves me!

Logan the boxer!

Little devil for Halloween!  Aged 7 months

On a nice Sunday walk down the lane with Mummy, Daddy and Thorn!  I can see everything from up here!

Can I go and play now?

So studious already!
    All ready for my first ever Christmas!    



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