The Proposal



Was perfect!

I turned 30 on August 21st 2002 and was feeling pretty bad about it too!

All day I was feeling sorry for myself, I knew Andrew was taking me out to dinner but even that wasn't cheering me up!  On his way home from work, he called to say he would be late because he had some work to do, but not to worry, he would be home in time.

We went to our favourite restaurant, that sits on the banks of a boating lake in Dedham, the site of most of John Constables paintings.  It was a lovely dinner but Andrew was rushing through, even saying he didn't want dessert.  Very uncharacteristic for a man with a sweet tooth!  At one point, watching his eyes darting about while fidgeting in his seat, I asked him if there was something wrong.  He later told me he thought I knew what he was about to do.  I didn't have a clue!  I thought he was getting ready to make a run for it and never be welcome back again!  Actually, he would only have succeeded in leaving me with the bill, I would never have made a quick getaway with my heels on!

Out we went, walking along the bank, when Andrew decided he would try to steal a boat, unfortunately it was pitch black and we couldn't find any!  Quite a relief really, I've since heard that cows are quite fond of wading in there at night!

We went back to the car to sit, looking out over the lake, when Andrew confessed he didn't have work to do earlier that evening, he was somewhere else.  (I still didn't click!)

He then had another confession.  He was actually at my parents house, asking for my hand in marriage!

Then he produced a beautiful diamond solitaire ring, exactly what I would pick myself, that was hand made.  Andy had chosen the diamond and the setting.  I think I was almost ultrasonic in my answer of a very high-pitched "YES!", while laughing and crying at the same time!  The ring was a little too big for me and I was most upset when I had to part with it for a whole 2 hours the next day while it was sized for me!

I called everyone when we got back, I was so excited!  Nobody was surprised, everybody said we are such a perfect match, they couldn't think of anything more wonderful than us being together forever!  I think the only person who didn't see it coming was me!  (I'd always dreamt of it though!)

I finally found my soul mate, my protector and my hero!

(By the way, when I turned 31 in 2003, I didn't care!  I wasn't just 'another year older', I was also a 'bride-to-be!')