The Beginning of a Journey


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The last words the Priest said to us in our wedding ceremony was "Take care of your love" and we will always remember these words.

Too many people today get married for the wrong reasons or no reason at all.  It's also too easy to walk away from these days.  When times are hard, you need to remember the reason you're with your partner.  The love you share and the strengths you bring to each other are all part of the team you make up.

I dedicate this site to Andrew.  My soul mate, my protector, my hero and my one true love.

It's not just the wedding that's exciting and magical, it's the whole idea of being Mr. and Mrs. Booth and the amazing journey our lives hold for us.

Usually this part would be 'happily ever after', but we are at the beginning, so it's also...

'Once upon a time..............'



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