The Accessories


Every piece of jewellery and clothing has a story or a memory


My 'something borrowed' is a crystal drop that my nanny gave to my Mum years ago.  Mum has had it made into a pendant and put on a pretty silver chain for me to wear.  Although she's in heaven now, this is my way of keeping her close to me.


  My 'something old' is a tiny bronze coloured ballerina, given to me at the age of about 6 or 7 by  the mother of my Godmother, Auntie Janet, one of the most wonderful people you could ever meet.  Sadly, they are both not with us anymore, but I'll always remember, one Christmas, I was upset that my cracker had a metal car in it, when 'Grandma Aldis' swapped her ballerina with me!  It's been with me on many dance auditions as my lucky charm and my wedding day is the perfect occasion to have it with me again!

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My headdress



My 'something new' is a pair of crystal earrings bought for me by my Mums friend Charmaine.

  They match perfectly with my other accessories.

  My 'something blue', (apart from my skin on the day in that kind of temperature!)  is one of two handkerchiefs I have with me.  One was a gift on my birthday from Margaret, Errol, Charlotte and Danny, from Venice, in Venetian lace, embroidered with my initial and the other was embroidered by Mums friend Paula with my name in blue.  I'll be needing them both!  I also had a white garter with a tiny blue bow....which I didn't ear on the day as it didn't really go well with my thermals!  But, the reception in England was my chance to wear gorgeous lingerie so it's all good!

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My Bouquet

I couldn't have fresh flowers as it was way too cold.  I wanted white roses, one of my favourite flowers and although I was told that these are the most hardy for that kind of temperature, I was also told they would wilt as soon as we got in the warm, so I decided in the end to go with silk flowers.

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I wanted a small, tightly packed bouquet, so the florist (thanks Vanessa!) did exactly as I'd asked and also did wonders with the idea Charlotte and I had of including some white feather to match the hood of my dress.  As a last perfect touch, which you can't see in the photo, she added a few tiny crystals onto some of the rose petals, which caught the light beautifully.  The best thing about choosing silk is that I get to keep them forever and they'll never die!   Sign of our future marriage too?  YEP!